A long, long time ago…

Claudine de Witte

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There are books and more books. Books are born here, there, somewhere, anywhere. Some of the books will be looked at. Others will find a rest in the library. And there will be the ones that will be bought because they have a nice cover and will fit perfectly in one’s bookcase. Eventually there will be the books that will be read.
A long, long time ago... is one of them. Take the challenge. Book a trip into the relaxing reading voyage of A long, long time ago... You are most welcome.

From the book

It made me realize though that, although we think that we are free – well most of us think that we are – we are totally not free.

“Feel free!”

Well, yes, maybe the ‘feeling’ is there, but that's all.

Are we free?

“Stop crying, you are a big boy now.”

“Stop watching TV and do your homework.”

“Stop telling me what to do. I have more experience than you do.”

“Stop talking and listen.”

“Stop visiting those friends, they are bad.”

“Stop giving to the poor, they have to work for it.”

“Stop laughing, it's not funny.”

… and the ‘stop’ list carries on.

Are we dancing on the right beat like ‘puppets-on-a-string’?

“must go to work”

“must pretend that I am happy”

“must pay for education”

“must please others”

“must smile although I feel like crying”

“must say what they want to hear”

… and these are just a few examples of our ‘must’ list.

About the author

Ideas and thoughts can keep on floating through one’s mind all the time. They are searching for a place to rest. What to do with them? They keep on coming back and are trying to find their way to freedom. Well in such cases a little help from a friend might do the job. Knock, knock, knock, anyone home? And with a bit of patience the pen and paper friends will open the door. So, let’s go for it. That’s how A long, long time ago... Found its way.


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A long, long time ago…


Claudine de Witte



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978-94-022-4478-6 / 9789402244786


€ 17,49