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OMG, mail! - 12 Efficient Ways to Master Your Email and Save Time
OMG, mail! - 12 Efficient Ways to Master Your Email and Save Time

OMG, mail! - 12 Efficient Ways to Master Your Email and Save Time

Michael Boes

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How much email do you process daily? And for each email you send, do you consider the quality that your recipient deserves? 

The digital age that we live in is generating more and more email. This practical book provides you with 12 efficient ways to master your email and save time. By applying these “emailquettes”, you will not only increase the quality of the email you send out, but also save time when handling incoming email from others. With practical do's and don’ts, useful examples, and examined best practices, you will learn how to save surprising amounts of time. You will get things done faster and better by sending professional, efficient email.

From the book

Based on my experience, these are the biggest advantages of improving your communication style:

  • By writing clear messages you will establish your professionalism. People will consider you more seriously and treat you more professionally.​
  • People will trust you, which will create and improve long-lasting relationships. This applies to both business and personal relationships. 
  • You will get fewer redundant responses by email, primarily fewer questions, because you’re clear from the start.
  • Your focus on delivering and maintaining quality will increase, even outside your inbox.
  • You will boost others’ engagement and learn to lead by example.

Gentle communication emailquettes
Whether you want action from someone or just need to send information to a group of people, engage your audience from the first sentence. In emailquette 4, you will learn how to start your message with a quick, summarized introduction, as well as some BCC secrets and insights on writing a management summary.

Do you want to learn how to bring more structure to your email? Then emailquette 5 will help you to learn all the ins and outs of writing clear messages, direct and to-the-point. Apart from some general tips and tricks, I will also give you some insights into how to answer smarter when replying. 

In emailquette 6, you will learn how to improve the flow while participating in email conversations in a friendly and smart matter. This will not only save time – and probably frustration – it will help the other participants, as well. It pays to make conversations more efficient by cleaning them up, summarizing when forwarding, or adding new participants who can help. From my experience, people respect this kind of forward thinking and will be more willing to help. Aren’t you more likely to help someone when they make it clear and simple what they need? When you have to repeatedly ask questions to clarify what is needed, you are already tired before you know what the task is that you are meant to be doing.

About the author

Michael (Giel) Boes is an IT entrepreneur who has worked with hundreds of companies of different sizes and cultures, all struggling with email communication. Helping people to get things done efficiently in order to reach their goals is part of Michael's mission to plant one million trees before 2026. For each book sold and person trained, a tree will be planted. His work as email efficiency trainer and consultant has been praised by global corporations like ASML and Oracle, and small and mid-sized companies. Do you want to know more? Visit and get inspired.


2019-03-16 09:39:14 | By: Edmond | Rating:
Michael is al een aantal jaren actief bezig op efficiency gebied. Eindelijk heeft hij dit kunnen vertalen in een boek. Nu kan iedereen profiteren van de zeer praktische en nuttige tips op mailbox management. De tips zijn helder beschreven en direct toepasbaar. Echt een inspiratiebron, aanrader voor iedereen!!

2019-03-13 14:24:52 | By: Francy Vlemmings | Rating:
een eye-opener!!
Bruikbare tips! Na jaren van frustratie over de mailbox die nooit "klaar is" ( werkzaam in t onderwijs, dus veel student-docent-organisatie mail contact)
Ik zou zeggen: onderwijsteams: start het schooljaar / nieuwe jaar met een efficiency workshop van Giel en ga ermee aan de slag! dan hou je veel tijd over voor echt contact met je studenten :)

2019-03-12 10:33:47 | By: James | Rating:
Michael's visie op efficiëntie, met name met betrekking tot effectieve vergaderingen en e-mail communicatie, gaf me waardevolle inzichten en ideeën. Hij gaat voor bedrijfsverbetering, is bekend met best practises en up-to-date met de nieuwste trends in het verbeteren van productiviteit en efficiëntie. Zowel vanuit technologisch als persoonlijk en HR perspectief.

2019-03-08 15:54:06 | By: Thomas | Rating:
Zeer deskundig. Eerder ook een voorlichting van de auteur bijgewoond, heeft verstand van zaken en erg adequaat in zijn manier van efficiënt handelen, dat motiveert en geeft inzicht om het ook zelf te doen. Kan zijn literatuur zeker aanbevelen!

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Michael Boes



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