Not in love with the drummer

Sandy van Loon

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This is a love story about a famous musician, André, and a single mother. André, a drummer, can’t ask her out on a regular date due to his hectic schedule; he is on tour and will be leaving the town where she lives. She, on the other hand, rejects him. This makes the drummer do something drastic, ultimately leading to frustrations and misunderstandings. Will he be able to win her heart? Or will he fail?

From the book

Only when the stage lights come on, does she finally stop talking. The band members walk on stage and begin to hype up the crowd. Everyone is going wild as the band starts to play. First, the guitars start. Then slowly, the drums join in. I don’t know where to look, but when I look at the drummer I immediately know why I’ve been given these tickets. I feel myself freeze and stare at him. Claire looks at me and wonders what I’m staring at. The moment she looks at the drummer she sees him staring at me as well. Claire had heard my story about André, heard the detailed description I’d given of him. She can see how well he matches my description. Claire realizes that the drummer is André.

As a band member, he has an artist name. Claire only knows him as a band member, not André. I, on the other hand, know him as André and now don’t know if I should stay or leave. But he looks so stunning, playing the drums. I can’t move an inch. Little beads of sweat are forming on him as he plays. Every time he hits the drums, some of those sweat drops splatter off him. His hair shines and bounces in all directions. Under the stage lights, he has become a magnificent sight. I can clearly hear and see André’s passion for his music. I can’t keep my eyes off him. He is gorgeous.
Claire asks me right then and there: “Is this the André you kissed?”
I reply that it was, and she hugs me out of nowhere.
“I can’t believe it. You had one of the band members in your house and you even kissed him. You are so lucky!” Claire shouts.
From that moment on, it becomes awkward. I want to go but Claire won’t let me. She wants to stay until the end. I can’t break her heart after all she has done for me in the past. She is a massive fan and wants to see the bass guitarist play some more.

About the author

Sandy van Loon (1983) lives with her husband and two children in Neeroeteren, Belgium. She often reads her children bedtime stories. However, she enjoys making up her own stories more. For this reason, she began writing books and poems in the evenings. She has always been a dreamer, which makes writing fun. It also gives her a means to express her creativity. Inspired by her own love story, combined with her fantasy and love for music, she wrote this book.


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Not in love with the drummer


Sandy van Loon



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