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Mindful in my World
Mindful in my World

Mindful in my World

Mina Mangre

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In life we have the role of protagonist: experiences, dealings and relations define my reality. But at the same time we are also spectators and philosophers: how do I go through these experiences, what moves me to act or not to act, how do people perceive me or I them and am I meaningful in this world? This book contains these perspectives, my life as a protagonist but also as an observer looking through the lens of Eastern wisdom while living in a modern setting. With the practical exercises at the end, the reader is invited to develop or recognize his/her own wisdom.

From the book

I didn't want to be a 'loser' like my mother, because everyone in her family resented her for being divorced. According to them, only 'loose' women without strong principles did that. This rhetoric had stuck with me, and in fear of hearing that same rhetoric, I did not give up my married life and continued to endure domestic violence. This rhetoric stuck with me because I didn’t yet realize that there was no truth in it. It had been an injustice against my mother, and I was participating in that injustice by putting the label of loser on her as well. Instead of receiving protection, she was even more excluded from her family's social circle, so for both she and I and her other children, that period was quite traumatic.

But after my own divorce, when that rhetoric came from my social circle, I knew that I had not acted out of weakness, I did not feel like a loser – quite the opposite. I had acted out of self-respect, out of my inner power. However, that did not stop me from isolating myself from social contacts.

About the author

Born in Suriname and raised in the Netherlands, Mina Mangre has been shaped by the contrasts of both worlds. The differences between the two cultures and the struggles of her family have inspired her to always search for depth in life. This journey has given her many wonderful insights that she places against the background of profound personal experiences. Her way of living according to the principles of the Hare Krishna traditions and her fascination with Eastern wisdom result in practical exercises which is the framework that completes the book.


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Mindful in my World


Mina Mangre


Psychology and personal development

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€ 18,50