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Worlds of a broken mind


Sarah Mulders

5,0 / 5 (3 reviews )
24 ,50
Gratis verzending in Nederland en België
Twee tot vijf werkdagen
(Nederland en België) (Past door brievenbus)


Piyada, a young woman of twenty-one, decides to leave her home country and travel to Thailand, her mother’s birth country. She starts the life of her dreams as a Scuba Dive Instructor on a tropical Island, but it soon turns into a nightmare when she has to deal with her destructive and alcoholic boyfriend. After a while she loses herself in him, which puts her on a whole different road; the road to self-discovery. Piyada finds out that Xando is not the only one with a broken mind. How is she going to find her way out of this?

Over de auteur

"I have been writing since I knew how to handle pen and paper. As a child (birth year 1984) I have always been a dreamy girl, making up my own stories. At the age of 21 I quit my Journalism studies. I left the Netherlands and started traveling the world for about ten years, working as a Scuba Dive Instructor. This time gave me the inspiration for my first book ‘Worlds of a broken mind’."


9789402217902 / 978-94-022-1790-2

16 x 24 cm


We stare at each other, I’m cautious of the fire that spits out of his eyes. Who is this guy? Where is Xando? The deep fear that hits me tries to find its way out of my soul, but I try to stop it with all of my power. I try to fight my fear. Strange memories of my childhood are coming to the surface, but I can’t place them. I can’t make anything of it. It’s like these memories are not part of me, not part of my life.

Then Xando stands up and his laughter starts piercing through the Island. What’s happening here? This is not him. Maybe he’s…

WHAM! His hand punches my face.

"I said don’t touch me!" he yells and another punch follows. I grab my head, when I realize what is happening. I thought I could come closer, I didn’t know he had really lost himself. A shock thrills through my body; a moving wave of fear and surprise. I take one step back and sit down behind him. "Xando, is that you?" I ask silently. "No! No!" He waves with his arms as if he wants to kill a fly that is moving around his head. "You don’t know me; you’ve never known me… you… dirty bitch!"

I feel a sting in my heart, a sting in my underbelly, which hurts much more than the punch on my face, but I try to ignore this feeling. This isn’t Xando, but somehow it is. It seems like another person is standing before me. My head starts spinning and I wonder if this is real, if this isn’t just another dream. I touch my cheek, but the pain is still there, he really hit me. Am I going crazy or is he going crazy?

Reviews (3)

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door Christel op 14-07-2015
Een bijzonder mooi boek. Vanaf het papier recht in mijn hart. Bedankt dat ik het mocht lezen.
door Gisela op 12-08-2015
Worlds of a Broken Mind is an easy read. The author takes you along on a ride through various countries and cultures, but most importantly on a ride through her heart. The development of a shy Christian girl into a woman who has learned through trial and error is alternated by the intriguing storyline of her mentally ill sister.
door Rodolphe Reuchlin op 10-04-2016
I said it before and I say it again: Sarah you can really write! I’m so impressed by your book. I find it very exciting and I’m constantly curious what happens next. And that mix of reality/dreams/spirituality... I’m blown away!