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The Swedish coffee break that creates your peaceful coffee moment


Vera Schuurmans

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Fika; the Swedish tradition concering coffee. It is one of the most interesting and upcoming trends of the moment and it is so much more than just a coffee break. The concept revolves all around taking time for yourself or to socialize with loved ones, while enjoying a warm cup of coffee. Fika will explain everything surrounding this famous tradition: a history of coffee, the health benefits, different brewing methods, foods to pair with your unique brew and most importantly how to implement it in nowadays busy lifes.
Relief your stress and enjoy the little moments, have a Fika.

Over de auteur

Vera Schuurmans comes from the Southern part of the Netherlands where she grew up with her parents and younger brother. At home, the weekend was really the time to catch up and talk about the busy weekdays. Having coffee together in the mornings became a tradition where everybody could finally wind down and spend time with eachother. This raised Vera’s curiosity for coffee and she wanted to know all about the beverage. She started working as a barista and took the goal of gaining knowledge and expertise in coffee upon herself.
With her childhood dream of becoming a writer, and her passion about coffee she decided to share her love for the beverage and write down the interesting story of how coffee can unite people and create room for relaxation.


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Fika, pronounced as feeka, actually just means ‘coffee’ in Swedish. It originates from the 18th century and the word for coffee back then in Sweden was kaffi. Reversing words and syllables was a huge trend in that time, giving birth to the word fika. Next to the common meaning, the old ‘kaffi’ could also indicate ‘to strive’ in certain contexts.

Both translations lead to the meaning of having a fika; taking a (coffee) break from striving to something. Indicating that a fika is a relaxation moment during a busy day, where one can just slow down for a minute whilst having a cup of coffee accompanied by food. According to the Swedes, fika is the state between work and rest. It is an important part of everyday life, it is a religion. The fika, therefore, is not just a break, it is a get-together or a moment to wind down.

A fika is often used as a social event. It is the moment of the day that one takes the time to sit down and chat with friends and family, to socialize. But a fika can also be used to take some time to yourself. It does not have to be about socializing with others, since it is a personal break that is filled in however one wants. A fika can be held anywhere, the ambience does not matter but the relaxation and social part are what counts.

In Sweden, people have been taking fika’s for ages to decrease their stress-level and have one or more peaceful moments per day. It really has become an everyday ritual, which is shown in their coffee consumption. Statistics from the International Coffee Organization show that Sweden is in the top 10 of most coffee consuming countries. But fika also started to spread to surrounding countries, creating a more well-known concept all around the world.

A fika is not just a Swedish tradition, it is so much more than that. Everybody can include it in their day-to-day lives, enhancing all that it brings to a healthy lifestyle.


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door Agnes Schuurmans op 27-12-2020
Dit boek gaat terug naar de basis van koffiedrinken. Geen gehaast of macht der gewoonte, maar onthaasting. Dat maakt koffiedrinken weer genieten!