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The darkness is my one true friend


Stephanie Luijten

20 ,99
Gratis verzending in Nederland en België
Twee tot vijf werkdagen vanaf publicatie
(Nederland en België) (Past door brievenbus)


Join Kate as she relives her months of captivity. A story where she tries to calm her abductors and her own spiraling feelings. As she sinks into the darkness of her mind, it seems like nothing can save her. Even though she is lying safe in the hospital. Or is she?

Over de auteur

Stephanie Luijten (25) spends most of her time behind her laptop, watching movies or searching for her next holiday. If she isn’t behind her laptop, she can be found in the gym or walking through nature. The idea for her book, The darkness is my one true friend, came up during one of her runs. The first few sentences ran through her head as she ran around the park, trying hard to remember the new idea until she could write it down.


9789464681192 / 978-94-646-8119-2
Engels (Amerikaans)



‘By all means, take the floor.’ he says, while he dramatically opens his arms. Prompting me to go on with my monologue. ‘You probably won't agree but the fact that you roughly dragged me into your van stands to my side. You seek power. You demand it and can't handle yourself when it is denied. Your emotions jump around this place, sparking joy and pouring misery everywhere they go. It makes you unpredictable and dangerous in return.’ He stands straighter but remains still as I continue. ‘I hate you for it. For dragging me away from my life. For hitting and scaring me. Nobody gave you the right to do this inhumane thing to me or to anyone else yet here you are doing it.’ With slow precise strides, he walks over to me. My words hit him exactly where I wanted them to. ‘You're wicked.’ In synchrony, he steps forward as I take a step backward. ‘Filth.’ Another step back. ‘Diabolical.’ My back hits the wall and he quickly closes the distance between us, placing his hands next to my head. I stand there trapped. Naked. Vulnerable after washing my disgust over him in waves as strong as I could verbalize. ‘I should pity you.’ He asked for my opinion and he got it. Now I will see how true to his values he really is. ‘It is not me you should pity. It is yourself.’ His hands move closer to my head. He lowers his body onto me, pressing me further into the wall, trapping me in place. ‘You are the one trapped here with me. If I am truly as evil as you believe me to be, I would be beyond scared right now. If I were you, I would picture the worst ways of dying in my head over and over again. Are you scared yet?

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