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The Demon in the Castle
A Modern Gothic Story


Pim van Goch

4,3 / 5 (6 reviews )
18 ,99
Gratis verzending in Nederland en België
Twee tot vijf werkdagen
(Nederland en België) (Past door brievenbus)


At the end of a cold and rainy summer, Lucius Byrne arrives at an abandoned castle. The search for his lost lover Sophia turns out to be more difficult than he could have imagined. As a result, he soon ends up facing his worst nightmare. Over the course of a hideous adventure, Lucius must overcome challenging obstacles. He slowly realises there is only one way out of this horrible situation. Will he ever find his missing love and escape the dreary castle?

Over de auteur

Pim van Goch (1993) grew up in the Netherlands. He got his master’s degree in history from Radboud University Nijmegen. As historian he likes to write about the past and the supernatural. His first work of fiction, The Demon in the Castle, was inspired by eighteenth and nineteenth century writers as well as modern screenplays.


9789464681468 / 978-94-646-8146-8
Engels (Amerikaans)

12,5 x 20 cm


The first night was long and frightening. In the middle of the night, he was awakened by an unnatural sound. This happened while he thought he was the only one in this godforsaken castle. He immediately opened his eyes and heard the noise of heavy wood and chains being dragged over the uneven stone floor. Silent and paralysed with fear, he listened to the events from under his blanket. First the eerie sound came closer, but it soon disappeared in the opposite direction from whence it came. Troubled by immense fear, he was unable to continue his sleep. Gazing at the door, he expected that someone or something would enter at any moment. The hours went by, and he did not close his eyes anymore. He barely even dared to blink, let alone be distracted by his world of dreams. If only he could dream, because it now seemed like he found himself in one of his terrifying nightmares. After the longest night of his existence, his exhausted body fell asleep at the crack of dawn, only to awake late in the afternoon. As soon as Lucius opened his eyes, he did not hesitate to rise fast from the mere slightly comfortable bed. Expeditiously, he moved towards the door. When he opened it, there was still no one to be seen in the long hallway that lay behind it. As he rubbed the sleep from his eyes, he was able to focus more and more on what he beheld. He soon discovered that there were dark red stains both on the floor and on the opposite wall. One of the spots seemed to be the shape of a hand, smeared by a narrow palm with long thin fingers.

Reviews (6)

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door Imke op 14-10-2022
Een zeer vermakelijk boek om te lezen. De schrijfstijl leest erg prettig en het verhaal zit goed in elkaar. Zeker een aanrader!
door Else op 29-10-2022
Spannend boek! Leest erg makkelijk en het verhaal zorgt dat je door wil blijven lezen.
door Kaj op 31-10-2022
Absolute aanrader voor liefhebbers van klassieke gotische romans! Het boek is geschreven in een aangename schrijfstijl die goed aansluit bij boeken als Frankenstein of Dracula en leest lekker weg.
door Mirjam op 10-11-2022
Een spannend boek in goed leesbaar engels
Een aanrader als je van fictie en een beetje griezelen houdt.
door Jaap op 20-01-2023
Spannend verhaal dat van begin tot eind spannend is. Het is fijn geschreven met veel beschrijvingen en een nauwkeurig uitgewerkt plot.
☆ ☆ ☆ door Hendrik op 14-03-2024
Vrij matig.