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The amazing life of Chancy
Based on the true stories of a rescue dog


Carola Auceps-Raemaekers

19 ,50
Gratis verzending in Nederland en België
Twee tot vijf werkdagen
(Nederland en België) (Past door brievenbus)


The author introduces the reader to the amazing life story of her Aruban rescue dog, Chancy. The stories are based on true facts in which she, in a very humorous way, lets Chancy speak for herself, describing adventures from her own point of view. The author shows that the wonderful world of a puppy is not always what it seems. Difficult subjects are explained in a way which makes it easier for the young reader to understand and to develop an awareness of how to treat not only dogs, but all animals sympathetically. This is an amazing tale of a cheeky, pretty, stubborn, brave but also very sweet, little dog and her adventures do not stop here.

Over de auteur

In addition to Carola's great passion for painting gourds and creating mosaics, she has written her very first children's book about one of her dogs: 'Chancy'. After living in Aruba, Curaçao and Bulgaria, she now lives in Spain. Chancy came into her life when she was working as a volunteer at the Animal Shelter Aruba in 2001. After 16 and a half years of loyal friendship, she had to say goodbye to her dearest Chancy on November 23rd 2017. In this book, dedicated to Chancy, Carola shares their amazing, funny and very special adventures together with the reader.


9789463890281 / 978-94-638-9028-1

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From the courtyard Carola walks with the puppy to the bathhouse, where she carefully places the little dog in the sink and fills it up with water.

“Uhm, this wasn’t part of the deal. That was a bath and some food, not so much water. Hey... Look, my feet are getting wet! Yuk! Hold me tight, hold me tight, I almost slipped. Yuk, what’s that on my back? Sniff sniff... It smells nice, but it looks like snot! No no no, don’t tell me you are going to rub that into my fur? You have got to be joking! I don’t want blub... Blub blub. Hang on... blub blub. Okay I give up... Blub.”

The puppy is lathered in soap and then she’s rinsed with a lot more water. She doesn’t want any soap left in her lovely fur, or she will be very itchy. With a soft towel Carola takes the puppy out of the sink, and dries her carefully. At the same time her husband Peter brings a bowl of food.

“Mmm, I love this. That towel is so soft. No, don’t tickle hehehe... No, not underneath my feet hehe haha. Yes, I like you rubbing my tummy. But hey, what can I smell? Sniff sniff... That’s food! Yes, bring it to me, I could eat a whole cow!”

She takes a big mouthful.

“Yummy, that’s nice. And it’s all for me? Yum yum... Another mouthful and another one. Oh, I’m starting to feel a little tired because of all that bathing and eating. But okay, just one more mouthful then... And then I... Yawn... Going to lay down for a wee moment, yawn.”

But before our brave puppy has had her last mouthful, she is sound asleep and she dreams about more snacks and soap bubbles and dog biscuits and new friends. But what she doesn’t realise, is that she’s never ever going to have to sleep in a filthy kennel again. Because she is going home with Peter and Carola; going home with her new family!

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